(b. 1992 Toronto, Canada) Lives and works in Queens, NY

The artist’s hand is at play in of each of her works and intentionally selects materials that resist their limitations. Seeking to challenge the existing associations, categorizations, definitions, and language surrounding art and painting, Larissa Lockshin emphasizes objecthood over image content.

Paintings, which employ sculptural materials to traditional painterly theory hang on the wall. The process for the paintings, which are sculpture-adjacent, are prints using sections of Fragonard’s “The Two Sisters” to semi-abstraction, overlapped with the gold-leafed “net” and framed with wood. White ceramic fruits installed on the floor.

Recent exhibitions include OOF Books, Los Angeles; Museum Gallery, New York; Galerie Albert Baronian,Brussels; Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham; East Hamprton Shed, New York; Club Pro, Los Angeles; Three Four Three Four, New York and Nightline at the 44th Drive Pier, New York.

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