(b. 1985 Toronto, Canada) Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Hanna Hur’s work considers emotional, spiritual and psychic experience. It is approached with an economy of gesture and a slow, quiet sensitivity. I work intuitively, accessing liminal states of consciousness and feeling. The imagery is drawn from my lived experience, though no explicit narrative is presented.

Translucency, faintness of line, and luminescent palettes reflect the altered, slippery states of consciousness where the imagery originates.

Hur’s materials and gestures are rooted in drawing: color pencil, china marker, and watercolor pencil. She uses drawing as a feminist strategy in response to traditional, hierarchical ideas implicit in the male-centric history of Painting.

Drawing alludes to exercise and rehearsal (feminine) while painting is commonly associated with grandeur and finitude (masculine), functioning as the superior end object to the precedent, less relevant drawing. By painting through drawing, Hur subverts this narrative and redistribute value.

Recent exhibition include 67 Steps, Los Angeles; The Sunroom, Richmond; L’INCONNUE, Montreal; Eduardo Secci, Florence; Audain Gallery at SFU, Vancouver; Roberta Pelan, Toronto; Tomorrow, New York; and Shanaynay, Paris.

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