Gretta Johnson was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1985. The artist earned a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island in 2008. Exhibitions of Johnson’s work have taken place at: Tappeto Volante Projects in Brooklyn, New York; Safe Gallery in Brooklyn, New York; L’INCONNUE in New York City; Feuer/Mesler Gallery in New York City; Real Pain in Los Angeles, California; The Desk of Lucy Bull in Los Angeles, California; and Paris London Hong Kong in Chicago, Illinois.

Johnson has published multiple art books, including: Star Fruit with Paper Rocket Comics (2014); and OOLM with Dark Chart Press (2016).

The artist lives and works in New York City.

Tanja Nis-Hansen was born in Faxe, Denmark in 1988. The artist received both a BFA (2016) and an MFA (2018) from the Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg in Germany under the supervision of professor Jutta Koether. Nis-Hansen also studied in Copenhagen, Denmark and Vienna, Austria.

Solo exhibitions of Nis-Hansen’s work have taken place at: Sans titre (2016) in Paris, France (2019, 2022); Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen, Denmark (2019); Come Over chez Malik’s in Hamburg, Germany (2017); and the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, Germany (2015).

Group exhibitions that have included Nis-Hansen’s work have taken place at: JUNE in Berlin, Germany (2022); L’INCONNUE in New York City (2021); Melike Bilir in Hamburg, Germany (2021); SORT in Vienna, Austria (2019); Crum Heaven in Stockholm, Sweden (2019); Rumpelstiltskin in New York City (2018); Kunsthaus Hamburg in Germany (2018); Galleria Federico Vavassori in Milan, Italy (2018); Münchner Kammerspiele in Munich, Germany (2018); The Institut Kunst in Basel, Switzerland (2018); and Halle fur Kunst in Lüneburg, Germany (2017).

In 2020, Nis-Hansen was awarded a travel grant by Neue Kunst Hamburg in Germany for CONNY, the artist’s performative collaboration with Niclas Riepshoff. Nis-Hansen was awarded a work grant by the Danish Art Council in 2019.

Nis-Hansen lives and works in Berlin, Germany.