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Emily Ludwig Shaffer (b. 1988, San Francisco, CA) lives and works in Brooklyn. Her paintings present uncanny and intimate spaces where architecture, objects, plants, and stone statues stand in for a void of living human forms. Shaffer finds inspiration in gardening and landscaping traditions, as well as Persian miniature paintings from the 12th-16th centuries. These traditions inform various decisions related to color, abstraction of space, and the use of architecture toward narrative ends. Shaffer sees the images and objects she creates as psychological explorations of space, light, and color, and as homages to the spaces women build and create.

Shaffer received a BFA in Painting from The Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University. Her recent solo shows include From the Ha-Ha Wall Comes the No-No Dance (Institute 193, Kentucky), Wall-To-Wall (PACT, Paris), and a solo booth at NADA Miami 2019 with L’INCONNUE. Recent group shows include Language of Flowers (Reyes Finn, Detroit), what fruit it bears (Peres Projects, Berlin), In Response: The Arcades (The Jewish Museum, New York), and No Place (L’INCONNUE, Montreal).